Eternal Crowns

Christ, King of Kings was born a babe to grow and die in our stead,
He was honored with a scarlet robe a crown of thorns upon his head.

Although Christ was mocked and forced to wear an ugly crown of pain,
The faithful who should have died, they're promised a crown of gain.

Paul says that runners in a race receive a crown that will not last,
But we will receive Eternal Crowns that at Jesus' feet will be cast.

Paul even refers to those he led to Christ as his joy and his crown,
And these are people just like you and me from any city or any town.

But one won't receive a victor's crown unless he obeys all the rules,
This makes some adjust their pace to win, but not the simple fools.

But the man who perseveres under trials by fools who create strife,
And to those who love Him, God above has promised the Crown of life.

Many like Paul, on that day shall receive a Crown of righteousness,
This to all who longed for Jesus' return with a special Seriousness.

And for all the pastors who faithfully pointed all to the coming day,
Friend, they will receive a crown of glory that will never fade away.

And the Tribulation Saints tested with unheard of hate and strife,
Being faithful to the point of death, will receive the crown of life.

Then all will see The Son of Man with a crown of gold upon his head,
With a sickle harvesting souls, leaving behind the spiritually dead.

(Copyright © 06/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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