Eternal Damnation

Daggers dipped in remorse,
no other could be worse,
mat my hair in crimson blood,
scar my arms,
back and forth,
drag the razor,
slow and deep,
embedded in my flesh,
is the sinful love you left,
along with an ever beating heart,
that swore itself to you,
shattered bones and broken souls,
lie before your empty eyes,
burning black as coals.
Remind me of the countless murdered souls,
that viewed you their grim reaper,
and as the knife go's deeper,
the pain puts me to sleep,
no dream of whirling colors greets me,
only Lucifer has comes to meet me,
'See where your sins have brought you? ! '
And he cackles in my ear,
so far away,
and yet so near,
over eternal flames,
fueled by my endless shame,
clouds gather above me,
has God sent me a small bit of mercy?
No the clouds pour acid rain,
and while my body melts and burns,
the last of my mortal soul doe's yearn,
to meet Saint Peter at the golden gates,
but that is just dream of heaven in the seven levels of hell.

by annabell callest

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