RFB (02/11/1982 but conceived on May 28,1981 / Indian Orchard, Massachusetts)

Eternal Eyes Shine In God

Eternal Eyes Shine In God

Eyes Roam Throughout My Mind
Oppressed Divinity Divide In Hope
Haunt Me Still In Ever Clear
My Mind Exposed To Haunt Me Constant

A Heart Broke In Half To Shatter
Hopeless Thoughts Plague Me Constant
Clarity Of Thought Deprived Herein
Ever So Troubling Heart To Cease

Bullet Four Chambered Heart-Revolver
Flat Line In My Mind To Quiet
Pull The Trigger My Mind Explodes
Blood Drains Out In Gobs Of Mess

Quiet Still To Empty Thought
Emptier Still This Heart Of Mind
Light Of Hope In Tranquil Thoughts
Heart Break Constant Cease To Beat

In The Ether Up Above
Full Moon Shining Eternally
Revive Me Still In Constant Bliss
Insanity Fragment When Cease To Live

My Heart To Cease To Afterbirth
Scattering Wind To Tragic Life
Maintain Death In Luna Sanity
No Thought Exposed To Mirror Pain

No Rape Of Thought
My Mind In Bliss
Life In Hell When I Exist
Eyes Project My Mind In Stars

Alive In Death When In Silent Plea
Retained Upon Eternity
Awake I Will In After Death
Guide Me Up To Afterlife

Light Of Way In Path To Peace
Find Me Home When Gone Away
Finite Life To Dream In Heaven
Sleep In Peace Forever Bliss

by Richard Ford Bunuel Whale Carnegie Edison Simon Hitchcock Welles Christ Antunes Rodriguez Kubrick

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