Eternal Fantasy

I never will forget you
Who ever you may be
The man on the internet
Who one night looked for me.

And now I’ve heard your voice
On my mobile phone
All you’ve done is given me
An imagination of my own.

Your voice did sound so sexy
And I wanted to hear more
But I could not talk long
I would have ended up on the floor.

My legs had turned to jelly
My heart skipped several beats
The butterflies in my belly
Had affected all my speech.

And hell I was so nervous
I went so silly shy
And all I could do was turn the phone of
Then all I could do was cry.

For in my head I have fantasized
So many times about you
And someday I had hoped my
fantasies would come true.

But when you spoke
I was so afraid of
What you’d have to say
Just with a few words
You can take my fantasy away.

Id rather keep the fantasy
that’s running round my head
Those things I know
your going to say to me
Are better left unsaid.

That way you will always
Be in my memory
My very own lover
In my eternal fantasy.

by ... suzyonelittledev

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Wow intense it was really good keep it up
Wow intense it was really good keep it up