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Eternal Fire
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Eternal Fire

I got some tickets,
For a show,
First in the queue,
A front seat row,
Man on stage,
What a thrill,
Credit card,
Paid the bill,
Carried off,
And carried on,
My God, he sang,
The sweetest song,
Stared at me,
With deep brown eyes,
The kind of look,
To hypnotise,
And reaching out,
To touch me deep,
Came home with me,
I had no sleep,
Those eyes,
The deepest,
Darkest brown,
That took me high,
And brought,
Me down,
Yet still he sings,
That sweet refrain,
I feel the pleasure,
And the pain,
Of love and loss,
And deep desire,
A flame that burns,
Eternal fire.

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