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Eternal Flame (Reliving That Day)
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Eternal Flame (Reliving That Day)

What the hell am I doing
Like a deaf bird cooing

My life's flying by so fast
I'm still living in the past

A movie, a song, a melody
Brings me back, and then I see

The reason I live here in the past
And remembering that day, that was our last

A few months after graduation
It's funny, both of our destinations

Coming back the same day, the same time
Reliving it blows my mind

Was it fate, or infatuation
Could it be a restoration

Of a flame that burnt in silence
A fire, a flame so violent

Destruction of a heart and mind
It would regrow with time

But every now and then again
I find myself back there and then

I find that flame burning eternal
The bottom of the bag, a single kernel

Soon I'll rejoin the real world
After reliving that day with her

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