Eternal Friendship (Dedicated To Shanny Mcvey)

You're always there no matter what.
You never lie or sleep about.
You say, 'I love you.', and you do.
I say, 'I love you.', and I do.

We always talk and hang about.
We always hug and say goodbye.
We never lose that light of ours.
We'll never lose our friendship bright.

You mean a lot to me today,
And every other day I have.
I mean a lot to you today,
And every other day you have.

I'll always be here for your sake.
You'll always be there for my sake.
In our minds, all thoughts, will rise,
Of all our special loving tides.

This friendship will, al-ways be ours.
It will not cease, and will not die.
So don't forget this poem here.
It'll always be, in both our souls.

by Samantha Williams

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