Eternal Heart

Perfect beauty reveals its sound
imposing a willed comfort by lines;
no taint of affliction there may be found
only a beat of life that plainly shines.

T'is free space huddled many ultimates
as inclined fittings to make each shifts,
it succumbs to wind blowing in tiny pins,
it touches a ground in hallowed dens.

Its trim fling through long river beds,
glittering like bits of cascades in summer leads;
a season brandishing its own array,
kneeling for a time of comfort in pray.

Its fluctuate of tune's a hidden piece,
binds mortality in a florid ray;
flippant as it may to nail its trace,
silently by sleep in a day of rest.

Now, I know why t'is lasting peace flow,
it's a prized treasure in heaven that angel's glow!
Immortality enflames an everlasting hail,
Eternal heart is plain which surely never fail.

by Gil Gregorio

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