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Eternal Imitations
LR (7/22/89 / Rochester NY)

Eternal Imitations

We thought we were safe here,
but I guess we were wrong.
They said He would protect us,
but we’ve been left here all alone.

What do they say now,
when He’s abandoned us all?
“Don’t worry He’s just testing you.
Besides, it’s probably all your fault.”

Tell me how it can be all my fault,
when I haven’t even done anything wrong.
I’m just going through the motions of life,
struggling to get along.

They say He has a reason,
for our meaningless little lives.
They say to not stray off His path,
and salvation we will find.

He promises He’ll come back some day,
to deliver us from our sin.
how much longer will we last down here?
The carnage is about to begin.

When will we learn,
What we’re truly meant to be?
We’ve been placed on this earth,
to succumb to His needs.

He cast down His angels,
when they questioned His views.
We’ll all burn in a lake of flames,
if we follow in their shoes.

Damnation to those who don’t believe.
Eternal bliss for those that do.
That hardly seems fair at all to me.
Tell me why I should believe, and tell me, how can you?

His servants here,
are worse than me.
Yes I’m talking bout the ones,
who flaunt Him on TV.

They stand up Sunday morning,
preaching sermons to you and me.
They go home every night and day,
to molest children as young as three.

Turn on the daily news,
another childhood lost.
Another life is taken away,
when will He make it stop?

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