Eternal Love

He didn't love her as a lover.
Not even as a friend too.
Somewhere in between friendship
and love
which can't be named,
where feelings are as transparent as
water but where
relationship gets complicated.
It wasn't that
she didn't know the truth.
She knew everything.
Still she was holding onto him
with a faith that one day
the bond that binds them together
would be christened LOVE.
But he was too scared of committment.
Her love made him feel insecure.
Her care started suffocating him like hell.
Eventually he left.
To seek what his heart really sought.
After years of wandering,
he realised his heart
always belonged to the one
he left long before in the path of life.
But before he could turn back to
name their unnamed relationship,
he saw her walking past him
with his head on someone else's
shoulders and their fingers interwined
together with eternal love.

by Anamika Raj

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