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Eternal Love
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Eternal Love

I felt You, today, rising up inside of me.
I dared to believe the thought I had of You.
That You are all that was or is or shall be.
That if I focused all my attention on You,
All else would fade like shadows from my view.
That seeing only You, I would be truly free.
Free to be truly me,
All that was or is or shall be,

You have such beauty.
You are such love.
I could become consumed with
Such beauty,
Such love.
It could fill my vision until there is nothing periphery.
It could fill my heart until it was a part of me.
If my spirit can conceive there is One such as you,
Then surely the eyes of my spirit can see You too.

I will put my trust in what my spirit knows.
Of all other knowing, I shall let go.
Gladly, rejoicing, drink of Your cup of beauty,
That I may be to full for any other reality.
To love and be loved by You,
Is all I shall have time for.
So time may no longer knock at my door.

There is no one home for I have gone to heaven.
Don’t pine for me for I have gone to One,
Whose eyes have filled my senses,
With all that is true.
I have fallen so far,
I am eternally lost in love.
I can no longer find the part of me,
That could not see Him.
It is gone.
I am only with Him.

Forever, the Light of my eyes,
Will enable me to see……………………Eternal Love.

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Comments (2)

Wow. What a great poem.
the one love..............the divine love..............great write connie.keep it up!