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Eternal Man
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Eternal Man

Integrate and prosper
Races will soon be extinct
Long live the eternal man
Released from the claw of prejudice
Equal to identify
More time to adapt
And morph these instincts and inflictions
Into knowledge and wisdom
The open door of a giant steel gate
Fortified for the sanctuary of your neighbor
We can still make it
Out into the endless space
Live in peace and prosper from our differences
Approach these years with caution
They shall bring the culminating feeling once again
Of a world left to war
Judging each other through such a production
The peasants never left the field
They still toil in utter madness and boredom
Sacrificing their children to the rich man’s
Auction block
To be bred into strong workers
Fearless soldiers
Money hungry bankers and trial men
Break away and prepare for equality

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Rudyard Kipling


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