Eternal Memories

Why should I make a journey through my memories? But, I can't ignore it.I found so much colours and flavours in those days-yeah-my schooldays! And I feel so sad now because they have all now creeped to the pages of memories! Still I can feel its rhythm, sweetness, brightness, innocence!
And now let me jot down some of its flavours....some shades of my schooldays from my memories....

The days of 'innocent' smiles,
the moments of light murmurings,
the hours of 'sweet revenges' and 'dark challenges'.

The 'bitter' struggles in 'friendship',
The busy gatherings-
sharing of 'joy and pain'!

Even the 'simplest'
ray of feelings,
the darkest peak of emotions!

The hollow shouts and quarrels
still echo along the pavements of my 'memories';
through the corridor of my mind!

Missing those schooldays
can't weaken the impact!
'But once pasted in mind,
they might hurt sometimes! '

Long years of life,
yet to be faced.
And after the hurdles, triumphs
those may be mere spots;
but still they are


by Smrithi Padmakumar

Comments (4)

hey, nice write...wonderful expressions...everyone misses their school life nd its mirth..fine flow...u re a good poet...keep going...good luck! ! ! >.. read ma poems nd comment on them...bye! ! ! .
It is a lovely poem, Smrithi. You evoked wonderful emotions. Thanks.
well quoted. the feelings were very clear.
I am gonna miss my school a lot too: (...well that was really a nice poem