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Eternal Now
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Eternal Now

High above it all I am,
Yet deep within me is the land,
Above which I soar.
I am reaching upward,
I am reaching outward,
Searching for more,
Yet it is inward,
where eternity is stored.

I’ve held on to the past to maintain the future.
If I learn from my mistakes,
I will not suffer.
But “here” is where I really am
And “now” is a place outside of time.

Can I let go of past and future
For a now that is existential?
I f I don’t, will I ever be free
to experience my potential.

What if past and future don’t exist?
What if this moment is all there is?
What if in this moment I can be
So much more than I can see?

What if the Holy Of Holies,
Is a place that dwells inside of me?
And ”I AM” is in this moment,
speaking to and out of me?

Can this be why, when I am writing,
I feel so very much alive?
Is this my God to me revealing,
That heaven is inside?
That heaven is this moment when He and I are One.

Right now, I don’t feel separate.
Right now, I am His son.
Right now, He is all around me,
And in me through and through,
And all is light and love and glory.
“Right Now, All Is YOU! ”

Deep inside me is my glory.
He is dwelling there in the Holy of Holies.
His temple, yes it’s temporal,
But the love that resides there,
Is eternal now!

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