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Eternal Pain
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

Eternal Pain

You see, now I'm lost...
In this dance, this play
This script you've rehearsed
This devilish foray, of hurt
Of abandoned emotions

You make me jump!
Into the clouds to feel
The tiny bubbles that seap
That weep into my heart
You planned this from the start

You foraged into my soul
Plucked the heartstrings
Your plan did unfold
You won me, found me, seduced me
Cut me down with simple words

Of hate, disdain, refrain
Unimagined, tormented pain
Do you know what you do?
Do you realise your acts of hurt?
I think you do, I know you do...

Is this just a game? If so
It pains, it's made me old
It's turned my eyes grey
And pushed my dreams away
You've done this to me..

You cannot love me...
If you did, you would hold me
Shine the beacon of light that
I grasp within my soul and share
Share it with the world

It would dance upon starlight
Skip amongst the moonbeams
Until it found its way to you
But, you don't want me, it's a game
For that knowledge, I feel eternal pain

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Another knock you off your feet, kick you in the gut, beauty, Em...of course I'm relating and thinking, dang, why didn't I write it like this...Perfect, absolutely, to the point.............that a girl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hugs, (avongal) mm. 'Twill not be forgoTEN~~~~~~~~~~another keeper pour mois.... merci b..