Eternal Reflection

I take life as it comes, work through each little section
so im gonna take this time to make an eternal reflection
I've been thinking on the events, and upon further inspection
Ive come across something of which i need to make an objection
depression, its all around us as of lately
we dont feel greatly, mostly problems of self esteem
or finding the meaning of life like what does this mean?
The tea leaves in my tea cup this morning made the shape of an ox
What a strong idea...
BUt sometimes, you cant think to deeply on the subject
because your only just a teenager, you havent even fallin in love yet.
with so much to live for yet youve lost so much
you cant get ahold of your feelings..they are too far to touch.
So...its left hanging there,
So many people loved you and you didnt even
use those real eyes to realize the real lies around you
and like Shihan says ' Flashy words make the world turn but it dont turn right'
Sometimes words couldnt even help the situation
So you used actions
A big one.
And it was worth a thousand words but ive run out of words on the subject so,
Let marks life be something we never forget.

by Jason Murak

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