'Done With Your Love'

Sometimes it’s hard to forget about my past
because our love just went too fast
it happened in school
That we were so cool

Our love started like a fairytale
You were the prince and I was the damsel
Let’s cut the chase
Your smile left me in a daze

I am so willing
And I can’t explain what I’m feeling.
Nobody knows those special conversations on the phone
and now it's over and I feel so alone

Why? Why did you hurt me?
It’s the unanswered question that keeps on haunting me.
I trusted you like I have trusted no other
I thought our love was going to last forever

You showered me with sweet words and promised not to hurt me
I believed and drowned with those words that you told me
But it was all a lie
And I wanted to die

For a long time I lived a life full of bitterness and pain
Enclosed with darkness and shame
Living a life with nothing to gain
And shattered into pieces and you are to blame

Now you want to be in my life again
What for? To give me another pain
You’ve asked me to love you again.
Can't you see that all you gave me was pain?

I know that if I let you back in my life again
Would risk my heart to be in the same nightmare that I don’t want to bargain
I was once drowned in an ocean of pain
My happiness is yet to be regained

Before, I didn’t know how to mend my broken heart
It is like solving a puzzle with a missing part
But the pieces didn’t fit
We’re actually misfits

But the past is over and gone
The things that happened cannot be undone
I was once your dove
But Now I can finally say that I’m DONE with your LOVE!

by Valerie Anne Sumagang

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Hey Bob, last night I was watching one of those dumb TV shows about unexplained mysteries. You know, like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster and stuff. I would have to put Jesus in that category too. He’s so elusive that when he visits someone, it’s like a UFO siting. I guess the rest of us have to just sort of imagine that he’s standing there next to us but chooses to be invisible. Actually, I think maybe he’s sort of hovering, not standing. Some people bitch about him being invisible and non-communicative. But I think it adds to the mystique and lore. He probably found out a long time ago that when he makes a physical appearance, no one believes it’s really him, and he gets reactions like “You’re Jesus? Yeah right, and I’m the tooth fairy.” So he probably figures that remaining in the shadows is a better move. Besides, that way, people can project whatever personality on him that they want. Then they can love him as a projection. A hovering projection.