Eternal Rock And Much More

Christ is The Rock of the future, and The Eternal Rock of the past.
He’s a Rock that’s tried and sure, The Rock that shall forever last.
Jesus is a Rock that will endure, when life’s trials at you are cast.
Christ is The Rock and much more, for Him nothing’s even a task.

Of all the things on earth you see, He’s the very God and Creator,
And of all this through all Eternity, He’s the one and only Sustainer.
Then He died for you and me, becoming both Lord and our Savior.
When things in life come to be, for us, with God He’s our Mediator.

Christ is the Author of every life, and yet He came to earth to die.
Our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, upon that cross died, for you and I.
The Lord came to be a sacrifice, from His Throne above the sky.
But when Christ paid the price, “It is finished” they heard Him cry.

Indeed He died but rose again, and now He’s back on His Throne.
Christ is coming back my friend, coming back to get His very own,
When you become born again, He prepares for you a New Home.
The Lord had died for all men, but any decision remains your own.

Friend even if you are deceived, The Lord can open up your eyes,
His Spirit will help you to believe, and give you a heart that’s wise,
When His Salvation you receive, from the one who rules the skies.
And my friend the Gift was conceived, by The Rock who never lies.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

by Bob Gotti

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Hey Bob, last night I was watching one of those dumb TV shows about unexplained mysteries. You know, like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster and stuff. I would have to put Jesus in that category too. He’s so elusive that when he visits someone, it’s like a UFO siting. I guess the rest of us have to just sort of imagine that he’s standing there next to us but chooses to be invisible. Actually, I think maybe he’s sort of hovering, not standing. Some people bitch about him being invisible and non-communicative. But I think it adds to the mystique and lore. He probably found out a long time ago that when he makes a physical appearance, no one believes it’s really him, and he gets reactions like “You’re Jesus? Yeah right, and I’m the tooth fairy.” So he probably figures that remaining in the shadows is a better move. Besides, that way, people can project whatever personality on him that they want. Then they can love him as a projection. A hovering projection.