Eternal Run

She is beautiful,
Voluptuous, seductive.
When I’m around her
I become more productive.

Is it love, is it
Lust, such desire?
Is it passion
Burning like a fire?

She’s like a snake,
Biting into my skin.
The maddening poison
Wakes the animal within.

I’m not the master.
I’m naught but a slave
To my raving desire.
Her body, I crave.

She teases, runs
Only heightening my lust.
I chase after, faster.
I’ve given her my trust.

She’s as a witch,
Manipulating me.
She makes me want to catch her
To want to set her free.

I run, still faster,
But get further away.
Am I never to be happy?
My passion, must she slay?

I sit in the dark,
But continue to run.
Though nearly hopeless now,
The chase proves to be fun.

I shall never surrender,
I’m a slave to my love.
I am always to want her,
Till I move on to above.

by Jeremiah Prince

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Comments (2)

In the loving eternal run, there is no end. lol just read leslie's comment! which I am forced to dissagree with, if there is no lure or mystery in a relationship, it dies in my opinion. Always play the game, who needs innane? winking at you, hoping you are no novice! Tai
you are no novice. beautifully written.. after the first or second attempt.. let her be..