Forever, Nothing Grows

Another year has wound itself
Upon our spool of life.
Reserves, once stored upon the shelf,
Have fallen to the knife.

What can we do to spare ourselves?
We see the shelf grow bare.
Increasing sparseness of the shelves
Makes what is left, more rare.

How shall we go when we do go?
How long shall we remain?
Will on our path, the flowers grow?
Will we be free from pain?

Some cataclysmic clap of time
May rend our very space,
As nothingness pervades the prime,
And nothing leaves a trace.

How shall I go when I do go?
Where shall our hearts abide?
With nothing there, will nothing show,
That all but nothing died?

by James Walter Orr

Comments (4)

It is written for all women and lovers of women. An outpouring of his heart's love...a soul-baring symphony. In this unromantic age, he reminds us: the eternal woman is an undeniable presence in our hearts.
If all men see and treat women as how they should be seen and treat as presented in this poemthen the world would be a better place for women to live. A beautiful tribute to women.10
Wow! ! A spectacular, brilliant tribute to women, so tender, beautifully written with such understanding, compassion and great love! To judge a man's character see how he treats his wife that is the truth of any man's character! Original and a loving embrace of words to women everywhere! Thank you for sharing!
A very precious and insightful write Thanks for sharing dear poet