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Eternally Beautiful
DS (6/21/1987 / Kona, Hawai'i)

Eternally Beautiful

as we grow up,
our sense of wonder fades:
nothing is more tragic than this.
when i feel the child within me dying,
and the fires of curiosity are nothing but embers within me,
my eyes turn towards the heavens..
God is a great artist
and the sky is his canvas-
nothing is so beautiful as the stars themselves.
the wonder i feel when i absorb their celestial light!
a heavenly glow within my soul shines through;
all of the darkness in my life is brightened away by their sheer beauty.
oh, the stars call to me!
'we are wonderful, ' they say,
revel in our glory and be happy tonight.'
the child within me leaps toward the night lights of the world,
and feels adored by them all...

(October 1,2005; Hilo, Hawai'i)

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Comments (2)

Good poem. It gets across the sense of reverence and wonderment that we can feel in looking at the night sky.
enjoyed your poem, there really is something wonderful about looking up at a star filled sky