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Eternally I Lament (To Claim As Her Own)
JJM (December 1983 / Los Angeles, CA)

Eternally I Lament (To Claim As Her Own)

Poem By J. James Martinez

For Eileen Nicole Ponce...

This heartache here
So often spoken of
She seems to have caught wind
Of the swaying of her name
She has swept through our homes
To claim our love
As her own
Stripping our hearts
Of their beats and their rhythm
Ripping the smiles
We'd surrender just to be with them

Such a sudden theft
Has left us lifeless
In a mess
In above our heads
These cruelest winds
Have blown through our chest
But we pray
And we cherish
The lives in and around
We have left

No breath in passing
No mention of
Nor laughing
Can capture what they've meant
With me you'll be
Eternally...I lament

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