Dissillusioned Heart Break Can Haunt Thy Saddened Heart's Own Loss.

A very slow dripping dropp o' salted rain fro' thy eye's own heart...
Shed the tear of broken love drifting two lovers lost apart.

How did'st thy heart fade fro' thee? ...
How made i mistakes of loveless flight fro' me?

Where did'st thou feelings escape fro' mine tightened grasp? ...
Crymental statements seem saddend not ment to last.

Shattered broken heart fallen off edged...
Moral shrunken as stolen and emptied as dredged.

Lost horizons of the hearts lost....
Can to sudden stopped to lowest saddened delayed of unheartening's total mixed lot's cost.

by Michael Gale

Comments (12)

Another very creative and unusual piece. Leaves the reader trying to solve the mystery of the untimely burial.
Sober thoughts brilliantly woven in a poignant poem. Thanks for sharing Galina.
Finally got it at the tenth reading, the writer despite the breakup, is still in love till the end, till eternity. Very well written verse, outstanding!
The person who buried you alive should have been able to overlook whatever shortcomings you may have had if only for the sake of keeping the gem that you posses, the gem of your poetry.
Amazing poem, can't stop reading and re-reading, trying hard to understand the meaning behind each word, behind each stanza. The clearest that I came up with is a lover's breakup, I hope I'm not wrong. The passion and emotion expressed is simply beyond words.
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