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JJB (June 26,1958 / Bangor, Maine (USA))


Poem By Joseph James Breunig 3rd

In the quiet garden of Heaven,
one day I'll walk beneath the trees
with the coolness of God's Spirit
flowing more gently than an Earthly breeze.

In the royal kingdom of priests,
I'll run barefoot on streets of soft gold,
overwhelmed by the perfection of peace,
following where angels had previously strolled.

Before the awesome throne room,
I'll exude continual heartfelt praise
as part of God's familial host
safe and secure in everlasting days.

Author Notes

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © All rights reserved.
Author/poet, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

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Comments (6)

A fine and lofty verse nicely embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm.
Awesome view of the after life in fellowship with the One Reason for our being - God. You captured it in a very personal way, declaring with confidence His promise fro all who put their trust in Him.
Oh how I love this one. I love the imagry. It made me feel as if I were there. Especially in the 'Throne room' around the alter giving God all the heartfelt praise' forever and ever. That's what I'm living for. Thanks for putting me right there.
Joe...Stellar use of Imagery here...Rhythn in sync & Fluxion lika a Dove's tail, smooth in evenflow...Very nice penning indeed.'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
james, i love your poetry i must say on first read. keep up good work and thanks a lot for visiting my side of the world.