Poem Hunter
JB (August 27th,1963 / Beirut (Lebanon))


No book, poem or words
Can ever express the love that I feel
Now, for you...

No spirit, bird or chord
Can ever play the music that I feel
Now, for you...

No past, present or future
Can ever create the emotion that I feel
Now, for you...

Because when we meet
Your glance goes deep
Much, much farther, who knows where?
Touches the boundaries of my soul
And makes me feel complete...

It is the thrill of surrender,
It is the warmth of the sender:
And the sending comes from you...

That is why the waves of love
Only kiss the shores of an open soul,
With the softness of a dove...

This precious love you receive
Is the everlasting gratefulness
Which my living can conceive...

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An interesting and lovely write; I too have a poem entitled 'Eternity'. It's amazing how a single word can conjure different perceptions from person to person.