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Poem By Alc Harris

I follow the lines upon my hands,
That bring these dreams from where they start,
A vision of you before me stood,
And I knew I love you,
With all my heart.
But mute I am, could not say a word,
Still prayed my thoughts,
That you heard.

For you were a boy in a far away land,
The day we met,
But times fine sand,
Took us on to distant shores.
And though in my dreams I feel you near,
That parting kiss I must endure.
No matter how I try to stay,
Comes the light that brings the day,
Where dreams are but a wish,
A hope,
A place in sleep our hearts do stroke.

Yet my soul will search for you each day,
In this time and into next,
Through life’s insanity, the ultimate test
Of you and I,
And forever’s dream.
We will be together,
For I have seen,

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