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Some things never change
The smile on a mother’s face on seeing her new born
The first rays of sunlight after the dark night
The bustle of the crazy city life at peak time
A dog’s trusting brown eyes
Yet Hiroshima saw it all change
Like Iraq is seeing now
Is War the only eternal truth?
The one unchanging reality of humankind?
The mother still smiles in Hiroshima
The sun again comes out with joy
Once again people hurry on with urban existence
The dog still looks on with faith and trust
In Iraq too all will be well
One day
After the mad urge to destroy dies
Or takes birth in some other part of the world?
Like God delivers Death as the end
We, made in His reflection, also do our bit
To make sure peace is only a surreal break
To be enjoyed in between the angst
Of losing all by destruction
The Maker and the Made – we are part of the Whole
Some things never change

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An interesting write; I too have a poem entitled 'Eternity'. It's amazing how a single word can conjure different perceptions from person to person.