IB (January20,1993 / Golden City MO.)


I've got this feeling inside,
A feeling I can no longer hide
Is it love?
I think it is.
When he talks to me,
he speaks in a tone so sweet
He tells me I'm his everything,
And I know he's my only one.
But this boy don't know the half of it,
I've never felt this way,
I know in his arms safe is what I'll be
For as long as eternity.

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Yeah it feels alwatys like that...expres it frnd....best way to do is to rite a poem..girls and also guys go for these stuff tooo..tho hw cold they try to be10++
you are a great poet you feed from your emotions which is great..astounding poem
of course it is, dont wait for an invitation it may never arrive, just take it by the hand say hush, i will feel the heart beat one last time before i hide...iip
An Eternity is a hell of a long time...but u make it sound like it would only b 60seconds with u. Groovy poem Autumn, Peace and love Hippy Sav