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Eternity In An Eye
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Eternity In An Eye

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Tranquil harmony, stormy sky.
Beating heartbeat, time slows by.
No tender movement to ease the soul.
No empty pot to fill ones soul.

Eternity In An Eye,
Longing to hear what could be.
A journey long ago began, driven my hunger & need.
A destination unknown only the journey is seen.
The outcome undetermined for fate is what it will be.

Never unfailing in its resolve to pull fourth.
Only daunted by the road & course.

Vanquish & forbidding the journey may lay.
But in it, it holds answers one must surely seek.

Eternity In An Eye,
One had pondered the ways.
Ways to begin & remember.
Ways to forgive & forget.

It is unclear to many how we must reach our course.
Only realizing its simplicity and how we much accept its voice.

We must walk in the journey outlined for you & I.
We must feel every emotion destiny has chosen we try.

Reasons unclear at the time it makes us stronger they say.
And makes us the person we are for the rest of our days.

Eternity In An Eye.
Has a reality set but unshaved.
Started but unfinished.
Sculpted but half-made.

We are the dictators of our future.
Just as we are responsible for our past.
Sometimes destiny just gives a hand.
Allowing us to choose the path.

Eternity In An Eye,
Holds many secrets one can’t see.
But if one holds true to form.
The journey is started,
The way is clear,
It’s up to us to make it there.

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