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Eternity - Infinity

My home is not this planet earth;
I've come from far above the sun.
I wrapped myself in robes of flesh
because I had a race to run.
My hope was I might run and win
a flight to unknown realms of joy
beyond this world of dust and sin
to blessedness without alloy.
I'd fly beyond the Milky way
and visit planets yet unknown.
My heart is longing for that day
when things now secret will be shown. Until that day there's much to do: Broken fences I must mend;
Splendid vistas I must view.
Mountains high that I must climb;
Deserts I must wander through
lost and dying souls to find,
leading them to life anew. And then one day I'll take my flight
to worlds unheard of, sights unseen,
faster than the speed of light
to foreign realms of which I dream.
Some day perhaps I'll meet you there,
way beyond the farthest sun;
Perhaps that day we then may share
the precious journey just begun.

by Olive Page Delano

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