Eternity's Home... Sonnet

What price to welcome Eternity home...
What price has our sun paid for it's rising,
Shining, on Forever...faraway lands...
Squealing, laughing, children playing in sands

Where ancient reptiles left their tracks behind...
Where dolphins mated water, earth, water.
Who tore Eternity's spinning apart...
Why hasn't it's mending ended? But starts

Again each day, one hour closer in Time.
Again, light laughter of unknown children
Sifting Forever through little fingers...
Settling for food, warmth, sleep. Answers linger

In every birth, in each child...Welcome
For Eternity. And, in their eyes...Home.

by elysabeth faslund

Comments (5)

Very poignant. You have achieved excellence in both form and content. Lovely work, Elysabeth. Warmest regards, Sandra
This is absolutely adorable, the subject matter makes it so much lighter but you've woven in some pretty meaty stuff here, making us realise just what life's about. Love it Elysabeth, going to add it to my favs.... HG: -) xx
Somehow the sonnet form seems perfect for this important reminder about the awful consequences of global warming and the responsibility we all share to cherish this wonderful planet and the sun that, because of our stupidity and misguided consumerism must ultimately destroy the next generation of children who play and sing in its warmth. A powerful piece, written with a poet's concern and wonder. love, Allie xxxx
Absolutely marvelous....and of course I love the way you've managed to get children in the mix.....Your mind runs so deep lizbeth...truly you are gifted..~~~marci. :) x~~~
Elysabeth, An interesting way to say conserve our lands for eternity for our generations to follow. Beautiful poem my friend. Top marks and thanks for sharing it. David