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Eternity! Thy Time Is Young
DL David Lacey (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Eternity! Thy Time Is Young

Eternity! Thy time is young
Alike the kiss of serpent tongue
Your mother’s sleeping by the bay
Adorned in the last light of the day.
A lonely Oak hath fallen near
A nearby Satyr sheds a tear
Still he laughs on through the year
For he knows that death is life anew.

Through clouds of dank obscurity
The nature of reality
Is known to die and then to be
A circle of eternity

Love! For thy time is young
Love beneath a golden sun
Bless the meadows, blessed be
That I should find my love in thee
O maiden fair, O maiden dear
Hear my heart, my heart is clear
Through mists of dank obscurity
I adorn my love in clarity.
Beatific visions at first surreal
Reveal to me the way I feel
Turn within eternity
Turn within the wheel.

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