(28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827 / London)

Buy Your Fire - Tripping The Wires Fantastic

caN't sloW dOwN
bE seEin Ya

y0Ur wIRe

fOuNd ouT

sO c0Ld
aN aLL

and Real Dead.
by y0ur,

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Wow! Can a short poem like this inspire so much? Greatly motivated!
Really loved it but it’s short
I think that the poem is beautiful and powerful - but the audio reading is ridiculous and sounds horrible.
Blake's poem, Eternity is gorgeous and powerful. Unfortunately, the AUDIO version above is completely unworthy - robotic, ridiculous, and oh so wrong.
Preaching words...wonder, just in a nutshell how this kind of poem is easily said...gifted poet
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