DM (3/21/1997 / )

Ethereal Fairytale

Beaten, scarred and forgotten by those who never cared
Hours in the darkness time never shared
Alone and lost, never found
Shadows on my wall paint stories of heroes renowned
They show a girl with a voice so sweet
The one girl I'm am to never meet
The pictures say she is to slay the demonic voices in my head
With not a sword but with kind words
And with but one kiss I am freed
But the voices they torment me and never let me be
They tell me I'm never good enough and everyone can see
So the shadows tell me not to believe
And so they show a different story
They draw an epilogue to my greatest victory
When its hard to trust in fantasy
Though they illustrate it very well
As I wait for what will never be
I sit in the dark, and watch as the shadows paint their fairytale

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