In the bath-house
where birds' nests emit aroma ~ Afrique,
I shall take you today
for a display of sparrows in coitus.
No, this won't again be a show of blue-film
before saying 'Good Night'.

This is so organic a feeling,
like touch and stimulation,
pores of your skin will find
ample measures of thrill notes
that will soak your soul;

Sexpert sparrow's game is so arresting,
sexpert sparrow's play is so much lasting
sans gossamer.

But you maintain strict silence
may be lying still in foaming bathtub.

You've seen ample
Academy, galleried art,
you've read treatises a-la-aesthetics,
you've listened to pedagogy original,
you've spent a fortune
on gossamer, brassiere brands,
today you see those birds
meditate in ethereal art.


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