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KMS (06/01/1990 / Hull)


Poem By Khalid Mansour Saleh

All these times I’ve had with you
The memories the things you do
The advice you gave me before you past
You were my boat my wheel my mast
You were what kept me strong
And told me truthfully when I did wrong
I try to pull myself together for you and the rest
And for you and the rest I attempt my best
I know things will never be the same
And I know that you will always be watching me when I hit the fame
But some things can never be replaced to fill that hole
The gap or the empty bowl
But times like this is when I need you most
And you were great and never ever used to boast
And I’m proud to know you because you were a great man
And still and always will be in my eyes because you are a man of can
Can do anything he wanted to when he wanted
And you never stared or pointed
Just carried us all through the times of old
But its times for pastures new not a time to fold
And break because it’s not the heart or person that can break
But hopes and dreams and goals seem to shake.

When I look back on all the memories we shared
And think of how much for me you cared
I start to fill up inside
Because I will never feel it from you again and myself and I begin to hide
I’m sorry if inside and out I cried
But this is me and in my dreams we flied
To places of happiness and enjoyment
And I felt a sense of fulfilment
I just wanted to say you made me happier than I was before
And I feel you watch me from the time I leave the door
To the time I return home.

I know some of the things I did
Were wrong but to you, these were never hid
Because you know who I am and how I work in myself
But one thing I know and fingers crossed I will always have my health
These three words are said too much
And from me to you they don’t seem to be enough.

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