Eulogy For A Braver Heart Than Mine

This is for Rachel Corrie
Who succeeded where I fail
Before whose noble death
My own life seems pale
This is for Rachel Corrie
Whose small body was crushed
I want to sing her praise
Though the media’s been hushed
Oh to be Rachel Corrie!
She died at twenty three
And I not one year younger,
Why should she not be me?
Could I be Rachel Corrie?
Undaunted, could I stand
To save the homes of people
From another life and land?
Not Muslim, Rachel Corrie
But holier than I
But here I, Muslim, live
While for Muslims she would die.
I envy Rachel Corrie,
My sister, Rachel Corrie,
Ya Ukhti, Rachel Corrie
May Angels sing your story.

by Z H Khan

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