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MA Marlon AgustinMendez (03/23/88 / Oaxaca..)


I have been trying to let loose.
I hold my reasons. Hold them tight.
My hands finally opened.
Only to show emptiness.
I know I was foolish.
But now im not so crazy.
Knowing love never had me in mind.
The candle is burned out.
Ghosts with old memories are only alive.
I was overflowing with ambition.
And I was tangled between heart and mind.
Not everyone leaves you breathless.
DID just that. You were the only one.
BUT what now.?
Well like I said I would move on.
AND I think I have. NOW I
Try to search for her.
Ill be the next to leave.
Soon to hear a voice.
So sweet and soft.
That can kill the toughest of souls.
Soon to see a face.
With rose kissed cheeks.
The eyes that call with such lust.
They say welcome to the real scene.
TODAY TODAY. I Have seen the seasons go by.
So fast. So fast. Just well just like...YOU.
You stole the last remaining breath.
But I dont mind because its in good hands.
And im sorry I wasnt what you looked for.
But I still want you to know.
I am still trying to get on by.
ON a word.
On a song.
On a face....

On you.

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