Euphoric Dance In A Quicksand Of Love

Poem By Sabarinath Chelisery

A euphoric dance in a quicksand of love,
A marble palace in a crumbling world;
A sonnet in epitaph, a foreplay of storm,

It's an echoing coda of an Indian dream,
The complex emotions played out again;
Your words, my tune, our psychedelic rhapsody
And riddles and mysteries of attraction

An almighty dive into you, your words,
To the facts unfathomable guarded by flesh;
One final roll of the film played out,
One final desire, one final note

The secrets of spring are revealed in your lips,
The taste of the taste of bitter-sweet dreams;
The mystery of sky, the myths of the sea,
Explored, unlocked, in your hair, in your eyes

The words of prophets, the formula of stars,
The Shakespearean poetry, the Zeus touch;
Venus and sun, sweet grapes and lemon,
Explored, my dear, in your tenderest voice

The in-existing origin of this loop called life,
Is but you my dear, and you are the path;
The triumph and tragedy, tears and smiles,
It's all you, dear one, and you are the life

Diminendo of dreams to one, to you,
Then to the silence of void, then death;
Then the resurrection of this cadent symphony,
Then dreams, then love, then you

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then dreams, then love, then you.... fantastic :)

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