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European American
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European American

Poem By Randy McClave

My ancestors came here to the United States from Europe,
But, from where in Europe I truly do not know,
Was it from Scotland or Ireland, Wales or maybe even Germany
Or maybe they arrived from England or from Australia down below.
Now like many others I want to find pride and honor in my roots,
That is where my blood began! And, now another flag gets my salutes.

To show my heritage and my pride of my ancestors what should I do
Maybe I should wear a kilt, or play bagpipes or maybe make sauerkraut,
Or maybe I should fly the flag of my families ancestral country
As I am proud of my heritage as that is what myself and my family is about.
Because of my forefathers I am an American with its honor and pride,
The same patriotic feeling I feel wherever I might travel anywhere worldwide.

My ancestry should be held by myself with dear reverence
I should be proud and honored of the country where my forefathers were born,
Even though they were European and I am an American should make no never-mind
By them coming here to the states my honor and pride to them must be worn.
Many Americans proudly call themselves a proud African or native American;
So, from now on I will say to all that I truly am a proud European American.

Randy L. McClave

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