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Having a grudge against so much intolerableinflux of migration
Eurosceptic nationals, far front, myopic, always right-
Outright forget -me-not the factinvadedallthe world of aborigines
(Neglected of alcohol, disease, white dominance in culture endemic murder) with lust for gold
As antiseptic homicide of patient educating brother human love -
Such a trinket, barbaricbauble in exchange for diamonds,
Africa, slaves, shiploads, villas, comfort, manhunt stipulated law
But they say it Was so long ago as yesterday the Danes
(Asnation happiest in this cruel world) decided to augment equality,
Brotherhood and European valuablesby stripping them from the fleeing none invited Aliens-
In exchange for hospitality European Schengen violated costs-
Thisstriptease as a powerful deterrentfrom any future European for export war -
Without prior tough discussions, consultations and debate
Of causes, chain effect posthumous, witchcraft peep,
Offshoring profits, humanoid costs when braves meet
MayflowerEuro-tunnel brother humanpilgrims
With handcuffs, concentration camps sniffer and bulldogs...

Eno Sutraman of

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