(euthanasia -a greek word means good death- after living 42years in vegetative state
Aruna shanbaug died on 18/5/15 in Bombay's hospital- 42 years ago she was sexually assaulted by a word boy- euthanasia for Aruna was a debated issue for a long time)

a few words of life to Aruna- -

I am with you
in your golden days
in your rainy days

with you
in your stories, poems &songs
even in your sentiments

Really I am with you
in your existence

by saying this
life keeps the hand
on Aruna's shoulder

spring is lost long back
Autumn is about to go
Aruna is sad & anxious
for 'winter sleep'

life has a different essence
different colour
Death has nothing
when it comes
all the colours & essence of life
fade away

by pranab Majumdar

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