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Poem By Randy McClave

Life would be better if we cared about our environment,
Before we cared about a job, or starting our own retirement.

Our world once again could be another Garden of Eden
When the improvement of our living conditions would become our beacon.

We could all watch together the gibbosity of the moon,
As we sit on the grass under the stars in early June.

With the planting of the seeds and the cool favonian breeze;
We could figure out what GOD knows, from what man learns and sees.

We could breathe fresh air and watch every star at night,
As they burn in their beauty with hope that gives us light.

Clean water in our streams and lakes, would purify our souls,
While learning life and beauty of our earth, would be our goals.

Fresh fruits and vegetables for the world could be our salvation,
As Adam and Eve survived in the beginning, with Eden's creation.

If we could care for our environment as we would a sister or brother
We would all live as a family, realizing that earth too is our mother.

Randy L. McClave

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