Dysphoric plagues ensnarl all
result is costive bleak
hunkered in buried bunkers
crows chaos causing clique
politics tied to horrors twig
espouse a heretic sheikh
passkey bride of shock and awe
end game old and weak.

Conscience wraps fictions fraud
fat fact in wooing war
death rules tranquility
incivility rules world rapport
shames cloud visions
irenic life profit mongers ignore
rule by few triumphal
debt heir shew premiss hardcore.

Irrealities vamp life's sweetness
sours personal pith
Ragnarok looms fact in present
ends ascent as in myth
humane reason prone
each soul mourns in painful writhe
crippled is loves urge
livings death is pax herewith.

Life's call flees hope's dream
evanescence is the rule
normality is done
procreation result an offspring mule
barbaric minds clash
sanity succumbs to horrific duel
counsel let is freedom lost
ruin is political misrule.

Humans cease to glow
as world's light is drawn to dark
home peace sours by profits bane
few turn mind to hark
upon each playing soul
on palm is burned truth's mark
known in mortal mind
our future looms bleak and stark.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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A very large wording to imageries impressive,