I Lover You

It’s been a cold and hard months
I lie here all night just whispering your name,
Thinking you might hear me,
I’ve loved you since I met you, I always have and always will.
It was love at first site, and my feelings for you grew,
You made my heart flutter, you made my world spin,
There’s not a soul like yours, not a person as unique,
You’re perfect, you’re amazing, it makes my knees weak.
So as I lie here in my bed i think of you
Because when I go to sleep at night, it’s you whose in my dreams.
You made my life complete, turned my world upside down,
I fell in love with you,
I knew from the beginning that I would love you so much.
Your smile brightened my day
With that my heart started to melt.
Your sweet kisses and love notes made my day complete,
I loved you even more then before the previous heart beat.
You make my world shine and it glows when I’m down,
Just because there’s a person in my life like you, that I have found.

by lisa serg

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