No Harm To Be Frank.

I adore many, alive or dead,
Who might know me or not,
Who might love me or not,
Or who might not know
I loved them.
Yet I love them
And love loving them.
A cute lady or a winsome heroine
Is no way different.
Why should I feel shy
When I admire them
And admit it in open.
27.04.2001, Pmdi

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Comments (4)

Beautiful, beautiful. Distant memory from English class P.S.169. Teacher, Marie Buek. Wonderful teacher. Lovely human being.
I have tried to like Longfellow, but his efforts to write an American 'Hermann Und Dorothea' (as here) and to take American poetry down Klopstockian pathways, don't do it for me. The languages are different and so are the sensibilities of the writers. In the end, he's derivative and lacks edge, though his ambition is boundless. His thought and description is commonplace and 'grand' in the worst sense and ultimately vapid- typical of Victorian America.
A very wonferful story told in prose-poetry form....
Another GREAT poem, Mr Longfellows' descriptions of nature are hypnotising.