Poem Hunter
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

With a tight and nail biting grip...
They held onto the rails
Of the sinking ship known as Evasive!
And all on board,
Relied on it for generations
To guide them through shifting winds
And seas of trubulence often conquered.

Evasive was growing old and tired
Of charting courses it had taken for granted...
Although increasingly becoming more challenging,
With each mission undertaken!

The storms became more threatening...
And Evasive began to leak!
Showing signs of weakness ignored
By passengers entertained by tradition.
Those allowing themselves to ride along,
Under the influence of submission!
Granting a conceived 'vision' of strength
To delude them with a reliable reinforcement
That was rumored to be forthcoming!

Those secured on islands of thought...
Denied Evasive docking at their ports!
Many onboard sought 'new ports'...
For comfort and safe haven!

Some of those who rode with a liberal colorblindness,
Could not see their pastures fading beneath their feet!
Too many demanded to command...
And their destinies became uncertain and bleak!

No one witnessed those who knew how to survive,
Leave them and their ways...
Leaping to shores of welcome
When the signs of discontent,
First began to rock Evasive
With a surf of lapping truth surging
And rising to defeat Evasive!
All shouted...'Stay the course of our journey'!

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