Any other woman may dream
of dancing with the wind...
embracing green grasses
in seemingly paradise.
Any other woman may hope
of having the man I hold hands with...
with the touch of the Creator's hands,
every beauty he possessed
any mortal would desire.
To dream of rushing waters
and merge into perfection
in every sight, a glory to behold.
But there is no other woman;
and there'll be no other man but him.
Oh but a tree I passed by everyday,
magnificent it stood, in holy ground it lay
heavenly it smelled, alluring it sinks
into my musing thoughts.
I long to touch its fruit
whose seed would give me seed.
One touch, one bite, one destiny.
Something in the wind whispers vanity..
instills seduction, professes snare,
Something in my fingertips
so eager to reach... my tongue to taste
the taste of life and death.
One moment. One sin. One fall.
I'll choose it all
to have his love, his anger,
his passion and his pain...
his lips on mine, i always wonder
of our bodies into one.
I'll choose to be a woman of worth
to seal my destiny
as the mother of the Earth-
with just one bite of that fruit
whose seed would give me seed.
No other woman worthy of this novelty;
no other woman to divert eternity.

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

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Beautiful Poem.......... And I Do Not Say That Too Often! ! ! !