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Eve - A Tale Of Paradise
DD (28.07.1954 / Romania)

Eve - A Tale Of Paradise

She was a green-eyed cat and could be silent
for days on end, strolling about the Garden,
going through spicy clusters, stomping
tortuous paths with the bare soles of her feet.
Her youth was like an endless dream, serene,
and each ripe fruit hung low within her grasp.
A source welled up nigh, only a few steps
from the forbidden, shady knowledge tree.

She met her man, they touched and smiled,
and walked along together, holding hands,
listening to birds, they clearly understood,
playing with dragonflies, those flying jewels.
Naked was she and tender like a peach.
The air was warm and gentle, night and day.
No nightmare ever troubled her quiet sleep,
for troubles had not been born yet on earth.

Oh, the carefree childlike way she laughed,
not on the mouth's wrong side, as we do.
Today was like tomorrow, yesterday
a joy like all the other summer days.
Her books were fragrant petals and sweet herbs.
Her mirror was a placid, silver lake.
Her roof, the blue sky shining through the leaves.
Her hay couch lay beneath a lime tree spread.

The time ran very slowly, honey like.
Youth was a trap for every sentient being.
Eve knew no blood - nothing had bruised her skin.
She played with agile spiders and with hornets,
the bees carried no venom in their sting.
On earth there was no sorrow and no pain -
Until the gloomy shadows zeroed in,
and Sly Forked-Tongue did coil around her couch...

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