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Eve Of Life
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Eve Of Life

I think that as the body ages
it's just like turning many pages,
one at a time, and not too fast,
so that we don't forget the past.

And when we reach the final page,
we try to (cleverly) engage
in 'change-of-rules' negotiations,
assuming God has ample patience,

and may allow us an extension,
(there is no pride that one could mention) ,
it's shameless begging at its worst.
So rest assured, you won't be first

to say that things have gone too fast,
and would HE please forget the past,
as well as all the naughty deeds
to -kindly- cater to your needs.

Don't get me wrong, I know you will
behave like that when there is NIL
or Zilch for you to pray and hope,
when you have reached, of your own rope

the bitter end, so badly frayed.
God says the Piper must be paid,
and he will hesitate a bit
and then announce that 'this is it'.

He's seen it all a zillion times,
(the number of his victims climbs) ,
and on that last and lonely eve
there's never one who wants to leave.

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Comments (3)

Herbert, sometimes I think my pages have been about used up and wake up to find another chapter written. I like your metaphor of life...and it did make me smile. Raynette
eve of death the shortness of life shortness of breath
yea..the old 'everyone wants to go to heaven and noone wants to die' symdrome