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Eve Persisted
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Eve Persisted

Poem By Randy McClave

First there was Adam, then came Eve
She was then tempted by the snake in the tree,
Then of the apple she gave Adam a bite
Now Adam must choose between wrong and right.
Eve wasn't created from the sod or the mud
But, from Adam's rib and his very own blood,
Then the veil of the world was drastically lifted
Adam then found out that he wasn't gifted.
Eve then realized that they were naked and exposed
So, she had Adam to make them some clothes,
All that Adam could find were leaves to wear
And no ribbons or braids, for Eve's long flowing hair.
Eve then gave birth unto their naked sons
This all transpired when she and Adam showed their bums,
She then demanded different leaves and articles for clothing
Adam then banned the apple and clothes he began loathing.
Once Adam and Eve were naked with no worries in this world
Then Eve wanted an apple and then the chaos unfurled,
Now if it wasn't for Eve and the way that she did persist
We all would be naked, and stores would not exist.

Randy L. McClave

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